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    • Watch Sunday August 12th — Sunday Afternoon Salsa at Robson Square 5:00pm
      • DanZa Pro Team Performance on YouTube:

On Saturday June 2, the performance of our DanZa Pro Team revealed its newest member, Tawni Keith! She joined Tereza Paraschivescu and Celina M. Villarroel Whiting at Robson Square to perform for the free outdoor social dancing event, Dance in Transit. This event is open to all, so don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy some performances and perhaps even get introduced to social dancing by attending a free lesson all throughout the upcoming season.

On Sunday July 8, the performance of our DanZa Pro Team featured a special collaboration with Jamaican artist, Orlando Rickets aka Kleen Boss. Follow us on social media and subscribe to our hashtag #danzaproductions for more exciting highlights from this and other past events by DanZa Productions.  


On Saturday July 14th, the DanZa Caribbean Crew Season 1 had their final performance. They were joined by the DanZa Pro Team at UBC Robson Square , for the free outdoor social dancing event — Dance in Transit.



Season 2 of DanZa Caribbean Crew had their debut performance at Robson Square Salsa by D2 Dance Studio They performed to an eclectic mix of Dancehall, Afropop and Brazilian Afrobeats again on Saturday July 28th at 8pm Robson Square at Dance in Transit. Be sure to check them out!

DanZa Caribbean Crew Season 2

Photo: BJ Clayden — with Tereza Paraschivescu, Maira Daiha, Maria Egorova, Sheila Okisa and Meegin Sullivan.