Fall Workshop Schedule

Nov 18, from 1-3pm: Egyptian Belly Dance with Marisol

Dec 2, from 1-3pm: Afrobeat Foundations with Bison

Packages available at: $40 for 1 workshop, $60 for 2 workshops and $80 for 3 workshops.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who attended the Open House. It is an honour to serve such an incredible community of dance enthusiasts!DanZa Open House Demos Sept 2018

You all rocked it during those intense demos! We wish to extend a massive thank you to you all who took time out of your Sunday to come hang out with us!

To our regular and guest instructors Tawni Krystal, Celina M Villarroel Whiting, Lennora Esi, Orlando Ricketts, Izo Dreamchaser, Boris PartyTime, Jared Byrne and of course our co-owner Tereza Paraschivescu, thank you for your time, talent and amazing vybz!