Progressive AfroBeats

While Lennora is away… Bison comes out to play!

Join us for Progressive AfroBeats with Bison

When: Every Monday at 8-9pm from April 9th to May 28th

Our fiery Traditional West African Dance instructor Lennora Esi has to leave us for the next two months to go perform in her beloved Germany. While we will miss her and will anxiously await her return, we are excited to announce that Afrobeats expert, Bison, has accepted to offer a progressive Afrobeats class in her absence. Same time, same place. Just bring your amazing energy and smile; Bison will make you work!

Bison - AfroBeats Poster

A bit about Bison:

“Born in Paris, Bison has been raised in the African environment, surrounded by music and dance all his life. He developed a strong interest for dance early, as he danced with his family. After years of using dance, from Hip-Hop to Salsa, as forms of expression, freedom and recreation, he decided to focus his passion and training in AfroBeats and Kizomba in order to share his passion with future students, with care, humour and a never fading smile.

Bison’s AfroBeats will make you travel through Africa. Steps from Coupé Décalé from Ivory Coast, Azonto from Ghana, Bikutsi from Cameroon or Ndombolo from Congo, just to name a few, are part of the AfroBeats taught by Bison. Fun, self-expression, body awareness, cardio, coordination are some of the benefit that you will get from his class.”