Current and Upcoming Class Schedules

Class Schedule

Pre-registration begins at:
  • 8:30am on Monday to Saturday – Call us at 604-564-2882 or email our sister company at
  • 8:30am on Sunday – 604-505-7198 Simply text your name and the class you’d like to register for. You will receive a confirmation once your name is on the class list for the day.
Remember to add us to your contact list!
A reminder that pre-registration to classes is not mandatory but simply a service we provide to give those with a busy schedule peace of mind. Please note that pre-registrations are only accepted on the day of the class you would like to attend.

Please also note that Progressive Afrobeats with Bison will run from Monday April 9th to Monday May 28th, inclusive.

The DanZa Productions team is excited to announce a new class schedule that takes effect Monday June 4, 2018.



We would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our amazing Zumba Instructor Andrea for being part of our journey for over 2 years and wish her all the best in her new adventure. Andrea’s last class with us will be on Wednesday, May 30.