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Fall Workshop Schedule

The DanZa Productions team is excited to unveil the following schedule for this season’s selection of Sunday afternoon workshops:

Sept 16, from 1-3pm: Soca with Tereza

Sept 30, from 1-3pm: Female Dancehall with Tawni

Oct 14, from 1-3pm: Lady Styling with Celina

Oct 28, from 1-3pm: Afrobeats Choreo with Izo

Nov 18, from 1-3pm: Egyptian Belly Dance with Marisol

Dec 2, from 1-3pm: Afrobeat Foundations with Bison

Packages available at: $40 for 1 workshop, $60 for 2 workshops and $100 for 4 workshops.

We are extremely grateful to everyone who attended the Open House. It is an honour to serve such an incredible community of dance enthusiasts!

Origins: Soca x Calypso with Tereza

Don’t miss our first workshop to kick off the Fall Schedule — Origins: Soca x Calypso with our co-owner, Tereza Paraschivescu.

When: Sunday September 16, 1pm-3pm

Where: 6468 Main Street, Vancouver BC at DanZa Productions studio

Description: Where does Soca come from? How did it evolve in the Caribbean diaspora? What does it look, feel and sound like, and what is its connection to Calypso? Those are only a few of the questions we will answer together in this 2-hour comprehensive workshop. We will explore the origins of the rhythms that gave birth to the music we are enjoying today while also taking a look at the evolution of the Caribbean region.


Events and Performances

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    • Watch Sunday August 12th — Sunday Afternoon Salsa at Robson Square 5:00pm
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