Studio Rentals

Are you looking for space to have your lessons or host a workshop/group event? We have two brand new studio spaces available for rentals!
We offer one large studio space enough to accommodate a class of 20 students, equipped with state of the art oak hardwood floors that are perfect for dance, and an air conditioning system with additional remote-controlled cooling fan to boost circulation during the warm season. The large studio comes with Mackee speakers and soundboard, still brand new with only 3-years of use in this insulated space.

Pricing details:
  • $40 per hour for large studio space (fits 18 people)
  • $30 per hour for small studio space (fits about 4 to 6 people, no more. Great to use as a light snacks and refreshments room when booking large studio for events / workshops)




Email us for more details regarding rates, conditions of use and rental space availability.