Performance Groups

Our first official DanZa Caribbean Crew performance, led by co-owner and choreographer Tereza Paraschivescu took place at Second Floor Eatery + Bar on Friday January 12th.

We are very grateful to Baza Dance Studios for inviting us to perform at the opening of the Supreme x Bliss // Salsa Bachata Grand Opening.

For many of our students, this was their first ever public performance. As such we are sincerely impressed with the resilience, hard work and dedication to the team that our students showed all through training and on the performance stage.

Season 2 of DanZa Caribbean Crew debuted officially on March 16, 2018. Rehearsals are underway until our next performance. The current schedule is Fridays 7-9pm.

PS: Huge props to DJ IcyTouch for doing the music mix for this choreography. DanZa Caribbean Crew had their second live performance of the season 1 choreography, on Thursday March 29 at Calabash Bistro. For more videos and updates about the DanZa Caribbean Crew, follow us on social media @ danzaproductions.