Born in the Philippines, raised in Canada, and trained by Zumba, Roslyn is our suave, energetic, fun, friendly and super talented Zumba Instructor! She loves to travel and experience different cultures through food, Zumba and dance styles, and music around the world. She stays current with the latest Zumba trends, adds her own twists and throws in a few creative surprises. Active in the community through charities and fundraising events, she loves helping out and leading by example.

Roslyn has always been a natural dancer and now she loves combining various dance styles and adds her personal touch from Latin to Hip-Hop, whether smooth and slow (Zumba Gold®), suave and stylish (Zumba®), or energetic and strong (Zumba Toning®). No matter the style, she’s got you covered! Come have a blast with Roslyn as she lights up the dance floor with smooth choreography, fun music, and firecracker like energy!

Come join Roslyn every Monday and Saturday morning at 10:30AM, and every alternating Sunday for Zumba® at our studio located on 6468 Main Street, Vancouver BC. Click here for more details regarding class schedule.