Ale Gonzalez

Alejandra is UX Designer by trade and wanna-be-dancer by passion.  She was born and raised in Mexico City and found Zumba by chance during a low-point in her life.

She was at the gym one day on a treadmill bored to her core and depressed because her best friend had moved to another town, when she heard Latin music, followed it and joined her first class. Ale was hooked instantly. Ale believes music is in her veins and especially likes that it makes her feel alive.

She met new friends and found that in the 60 minutes she is in class she is able to let go and get lost in the music because nothing really matters, and that’s why she became an instructor.

Ale would like to share the amazing feeling of being alive and being able to dance your heart out with strangers that soon will become friends and will shake that booty like it’s hot!