Boris "Bison"

Straight from Paris and of Cameroonian decent, Boris (aka Bison) is a seasoned Afrobeats instructor, dancer and DJ with a passion for creation and solo improvisation. Surrounded by music and dance since birth, Boris developed a strong interest for this craft from a very young age.

Bison’s Afrobeats will make you travel through Africa with steps like Coupé Décalé from Ivory Coast, Azonto from Ghana, Bikutsi from Cameroon and Ndombolo from Congo, to name a few. His intricate steps, perfected by years of cultural exposure to his ancestors’ musical and dance heritage, have been mesmerizing Vancouver crowds for over 3 years.

Boris is a strong advocate of musicality and truly aspires to teach it to his students in the most comprehensive way possible. Join him for Afrobeats on Tuesdays and dive into the beautiful sounds of Africa.