Dance and fitness classes for physical education

DanZa Productions offers multicultural dance classes and workshops for physical education in schools at an affordable rate. Our certified team of instructors have undergone diverse training to develop the necessary skills to teach a variety of multicultural dance and dance-fitness styles. The dance styles we teach include SWAG, SWAG, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Dancehall, Reggaetón, Afrobeats, Zumba® and fitness/bootcamp classes. Additionally, our team is experienced in teaching partner dance styles such as Merengue, Salsa and Bachata.

We offer everything from basic steps to advanced choreography, all depending on the needs and interests of your school, students and teachers.

Based on class or workshop type, our instructors will connect you with the history and culture of the chosen style of music and dance, in an environment that inspires confidence, competence and motivation.

We provide a multidisciplinary experience, welcoming all bodies and all levels to connect with song and dance for social-emotional learning. Your students will gain the physical fitness benefits of building stamina, agility, flexibility, coordination and body awareness through engaging in dance as physical activity.

We also cater to teaching teachers! Our teacher packages include workshops on how to incorporate dance and movement into your regular classrooms to benefit student and teacher overall mental health and well-being.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you incorporate multicultural dance programs in your physical education calendar to best suit the physical and mental health needs of your school.

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For physical education classes, we require a booking of a minimum of 4 hours of instruction for up to 100 students.