Class descriptions

Dance Build Up

Beginners welcome! Whether you have never danced in your life or have shelved it for too long, this class will teach you the foundations of dance such as body movement, musicality, choreography and freestyle. The dance styles our teachers touch on range from hip-hop to jazz to contemporary. Bare feet, socks or sneakers recommended.


Learn the basics of pure swagger in this fun and energetic class that focuses on old school and new school hip-hop grooves. This class features fun choreography and comprehensive techniques to help you find your own groove and swag. Sneakers recommended for this class.


This class highlights the necessity of core strength and the use of breath in dance. We explore foundational dance concepts such as general body awareness, musicality, and free movement in a friendly and non-competitive environment. Each class begins with a warm-up focusing primarily on jazz technique, followed by a short stretch featuring comprehensive exercises to engage your core. A short choreographed combination is taught to help facilitate the concepts and techniques explored in the warm up. The music genres and dance styles range from jazz to contemporary. Socks, bare feet or sneakers recommended. 


All genders and levels welcome! Everyone has a feminine side; this class will have you getting in touch with it and embracing it! This street dance class allows you to explore your sexuality, sensuality and femininity while serving a lot of attitude. Heels are welcome but not required.


Zumba® is an exhilarating and fun Latin-inspired dance fitness class for all levels. Zumba® fuses Latin rhythms and other styles like hip-hop and Bollywood into an easy to follow dance routine to get you moving and having fun. Come party with us for dance, fitness and fun! 

Latin Rhythms

This class rotates between numerous Latin styles such as salsa, bachata, merengue, cha cha and more to work on your footwork, body movement and choreography. Latin dance heels are welcome but not required.

Brazilian Rhythms

All levels and genders welcome! This class explores many of the various rhythm and dance styles from the Brazilian culture including Brazilian Funk, Samba, Zouk, Soltinho, Lambada and more. Sneakers are recommended. 

Dancehall Grooves

Are you ready to find your groove and take your dancing to the next level? Dancehall Grooves is a beginner-friendly class that allows you to experience the joy and excitement of dancing to the music from Jamaica. It’s all about the feeling and movement of what’s inside of you. Dress in loose, stylish clothing to help you find your own personal rhythm and swag.

Old and Middle School Dancehall

This exciting and educational class bring you back to the foundations of when dancehall dance was created. Learn the first known movements from the 70’s to the 80’s Ska era to the 90’s old school and early 2000’s middle school era. You will be taught the dance steps created by well-known Jamaican dancers from the past and present. This class is easy and entertaining and can be enjoyed at any level. Dress in loose and fashionable clothing that makes you feel good. Dancehall was and is all about fashion and style. 


Travel through Africa with the steps and the music ranging from Coupé Décalé from Ivory Coast, Azonto from Ghana, Bikutsi from Cameroon and Ndombolo from Congo to name a few. Self-expression, body awareness, cardio, coordination and fun are just some of the benefits you will gain from this class with Bison.


This class is designed to move you through a series of exercises to help you improve the overall functionality of your body. Improve balance and flexibility, with a mixture of Pilates, barre and resistance exercises. Props such as stability balls, resistance bands and yoga straps are used to strengthen the core while improving range of motion in the joints and muscle groups.

Ready to start dancing?