Established on July 17, 2014, DanZa Productions (formally known as DanZa Fitness) was created by Jamie Hartwell with the goal of offering fun, affordable and top quality dance fitness classes for people of all ages, and health and fitness levels. It has since evolved from a Zumba group to a new partnership between Jamie and co-owner Tereza Paraschivescu, offering not only Zumba, but specialty dance classes, performances and workshops.

Come dance with us and see what the DanZa craze is all about!

Top reasons to DanZa with us! 

  1. We have the jams, you’ll find your groove — the music and rhythms will keep you coming back for more!
  2. Keep fit and stay healthy — get that cardio time in!
  3. Combine your workout and dance party all in one awesome class — sweat and smile at the same time!  
  4. Explore new ways of moving your body — yes, everyone can shimmy, pop and lock it!