To all our Danza members,

I wanted to first off thank everyone for their support during these last 2 challenging years. Yesterday we received the news that we would be allowed to be reopened for on site classes.  However with the current order came the capacity restrictions implemented of 7m2 between participants. With the size of our studio, this would allow for a maximum number of 5 participants per class. With no government funding at this time, we are unable to make a maximum of 5 person classes financially feasible without making significant rate adjustments. We are hoping to be back with the adjustments of the class capacity within a reasonable period of time. We thank everyone in advance for their patience and understanding during these challenging times. We hope to provide an update when the PHO orders change. At this time we will continue to provide FREE access to our virtual DanZa vault. If you would like access please email us at contact@danzaproductionsvancouver.com. If you have any additional questions or concerns please email us as well. We will be putting all passes on hold and will adjust expiration dates as needed upon our return.