Sunday July 8, 2018.

The DanZa Pro Team at Carnaval Del Sol
First shot of DanZa Pro Team at Carnaval Del Sol about to perform

The performer’s experience is undeniably different to that of their audience.



Kleen Prinz and Tereza Paraschivescu at Carnaval Del Sol YVR 2018
Tawni Krystal
Tawni Krystal and Lennora Esi backstage at Carnaval Del Sol
Lennora Esi
Tawni Krystal, Tereza Paraschivescu and Kleen Prinz Carnaval Del Sol
Jamaican artist Orlando, aka Kleen Prinz

We are about to do some physical activity; are you ready? It’s simple moves, just follow along and when you hear “Turn Up!” take that as your cue to let go and let the sounds flow through your body. Simply put, enjoy the beats and try to follow along where you can.

Silent Video: the DanZa Pro Team perform at CSOL 2018.


Action Shot: "Are you Ready"
Action Shot: “Are you Ready” DanZa Productions Pro Team at Carnaval del Sol


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