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What’s on Now

Family Day Closures

This Family Day long weekend, our studio closed and the following classes cancelled: Saturday February 10th, Sunday February 11th and Monday February 12th.

We resume the normal class schedule on Tuesday February 13th, 2018. Join Marisol for Zumba® at 6:30PM followed by Dance Build Up with Celina at 7:30PM.


Upcoming ZIN Jam Session

On Friday, March 2nd 2018, we will be hosting a Zumba® Instructor Network (ZIN) Jam Session with Ana Ibarra from 6:30PM-9:00PM. Registration for this event begins at 6:00PM. Calling all Zumba® Instructors to come join us on this night to learn some new routines and get valuable choreography training with our star Zumba Jammer, Ana Ibarra, right here at DanZa!

Pre-register online for ZIN Jam Session here. (more…)

Season 2 Auditions

It’s happening tonight! 😃 We are getting really excited to meet the potential new participants of our Season 2 DanZa Caribbean Crew!

A few reminders for tonight:

-Please come prepared with a 1-minute solo (Any dance style of your choice, it can also be improv! We just want to see your personality shine! )


Zumbini™ Training

On Saturday, March 3rd – Sunday, March 4th 2018, we will be offering Zumbini™ training with the lovely Pamela Murphy from 12:00PM to 7:30PM. Registration for this event begins at 11:45am. Want to channel your love for babies into something creative?

Come take Zumbini Training right here at DanZa!

Pre-register online for Zumbini here.


Our Story

Established in 2014, DanZa Productions was created by Jamie Hartwell with the goal of offering fun, affordable, and top quality dance and fitness classes for people of all ages and fitness levels. It has since evolved from a Zumba group to a new partnership between Jamie and co-owner Tereza Paraschivescu, offering not only Zumba but also specialty dance classes, performances for special events, workshops and private lessons such as personalized wedding choreography.

Come dance with us and see what the DanZa craze is all about!

Top Reasons to DanZa With Us

We have the jams, you’ll find your groove — the music and rhythms will keep you coming back for more!

Keep fit and stay healthy — get that cardio time in!

Combine your workout and dance party all in one awesome class — sweat and smile at the same time!

Explore new ways of moving your body — yes, everyone can shimmy, pop and lock it!

Jamie Hartwell

Born and raised in Vancouver, Jamie has an extensive dance background which she has been building since the age of 4, when she began taking her first classes. Jamie is well versed in a myriad of different dance styles, including Hip Hop, Ballroom, Jazz, Ballet, and even Chinese dance. As a Licensed Zumba® Instructor, she is thrilled to finally be able to combine her passion for dance and fitness. (more…)

Tereza Paraschivescu

Born in Bucharest, and raised in Freising, Germany, then in Montreal, QC, Tereza has now made Vancouver her official home. Dancing since the age of 5, she used her cultural exposure to diversify her dance background. Starting off in Hip-Hop and Jazz in the heart of Montreal, Tereza was later introduced to the Latin and Caribbean flavours, which remain her all-time favourites. Over the last 15 years, she has taught for various companies such as Little Aces, Du Haut Productions, Danse 1…2…3…, Access Ballroom Studio and Les productions Mélanie Martin (now Quividanse).


Programs We Offer

We offer a variety of dance classes such as Dance Build Up, Hip-Hop/Reggaeton, and Caribbean Rhythms, as well as dance workshops and personalized wedding choreography. Check out our class schedule and rates below:


All Prices are before tax:

New Member Special – $25 for 5-Class DanZa All Access Pass

10 Class Pass – $85 for DanZa All Access, $70 for Dance Classes Only

20 Class Pass – $145 for DanZa All Access, $130 for Dance Classes Only

Monthly Unlimited – $85                      Drop In – $12

Personalized Wedding Choreography

Want to dazzle your guests on your special day? Learn a choreographed first dance, designed specifically for you and your future spouse by our Co-owner and Choreographer, Tereza Paraschivescu. Choose from a selection of wedding choreography packages, tailored to your needs. (more…)

Our Team

Celina V Whiting

Celina’s dance journey began at the age of 8 with training in Modern dance, which then quickly expanded to include Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Street dance, Hip Hop, Salsa, Ballroom, West Coast Swing, Afro fusion and Brazilian Samba. As a talented professional dancer and instructor, her credits include music videos, corporate performances, live shows and dance competitions. (more…)

Clara Ruiz-Larrea Medina

Clara is what we like to call a ball of energy wrapped up in perseverance. A competitive gymnast from the ages of 3 to 18, she has also done ballet for about 8 years to strengthen her technique. However, cheerleading is what won her heart: her team was the first in her team to complete The Cheerleading Worlds, the highest rated cheerleading competition in the world. This aspect of her life has been ongoing for over 4.5 years. (more…)

Marisol Ruiz

Born and raised in Mexico City and being a daughter of a Mexican Fitness Instructor, Marisol’s passion for dance and fitness has been a part of her life, even before she was born. Marisol has a strong dance and fitness background, with over 10 years of experience teaching and performing. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a Minor in Arts in 2007.  (more…)

Elizabeth Leon

Elizabeth Leon is our very own Colombian girl, born to live and breathe music – it literally flows through her body! She has always believed in the importance of staying fit, through eating right and exercising. Combine that with her insatiable passion for dance and fitness and you’ve got one star Zumba® Instructor and Certified CANFITPRO Fitness Instructor Specialist! (more…)

Andrea V

Andrea began her love affair with dance at the age of 10. First, Hip Hop caught her eye but she soon expanded her roster after attending numerous Latin dance and Cardio classes. She fell in love with Zumba® after trying it twice in her home country of Slovakia. Her instructor, Daniela Cesnekova, immediately encouraged her to take the instructor training so she became licensed in January 2011. (more…)

Lennora Esi

Lennora Esi was born in Filderstadt, Germany in 1991. At the age of eleven, she was introduced to the world of musicals and instantly fell in love with the performing arts. Throughout her teenage years, she took singing and piano lessons, starred in musicals and theater plays, all the while taking different dance classes. (more…)


Born in the Philippines, raised in Canada, and trained by Zumba, Roslyn is our suave, energetic, fun, friendly and super talented Zumba Instructor! She loves to travel and experience different cultures through food, Zumba and dance styles, and music around the world. She stays current with the latest Zumba trends, adds her own twists and throws in a few creative surprises. Active in the community through charities and fundraising events, she loves helping out and leading by example. (more…)

Gabriela Rodriguez

Gabriela is a passionate Zumba instructor who loves Salsa and Latin rhythms! Born in Venezuela, she began to love dance at a very young age. But it isn’t until she moved to Canada 4 years ago that she discovered Zumba. That day, rather than feeling overwhelmed by the cardio aspect of the format, she realized how much dance makes her happy and that she no longer wanted to part from it. From that moment on, she decided to become a Zumba instructor. (more…)

Partnership Opportunities

Studio Rentals

Are you a dance /dance fitness instructor looking for space to have your lessons? We have studio space available for rentals! (more…)


Specialty Dance Classes for Physical Education (more…)

Performance Groups

Our first official DanZa Caribbean Crew performance, led by co-owner and choreographer Tereza Paraschivescu took place at Second Floor Eatery + Bar on Friday January 12th. (more…)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for classes?

To register for our classes, please call us at 604-564-2882 or email our sister company at hartwelltherapy@gmail.com. Pre-registration begins at 8:30am on Mon-Thur, and Saturday, and at 9:30am on Sundays. A reminder that registration is not mandatory but simply a service we provide to give those with a busy schedule peace of mind.

How do I purchase a class pass?

To purchase class passes, simply see reception at 6468 Main Street. We accept all major credit cards, cash, cheque and e-transfers to contact.danzaproductions@gmail.com.

What types of class passes do you have?

5-Class All Access Pass (available to new members only) – $25
10 Class-Pass – $85 for DanZa All Access and $70 for Dance Classes Only
20 Class-Pass – $145 for DanZa All Access and $130 for Dance Classes Only
Monthly Unlimited – $85
All prices listed are before tax.

Do you have change rooms and lockers at your studio?

We have two large washrooms accessible for student use. Our studio also has cubbies where you can store your belongings during class.

When do you announce new workshops?

All new workshops are announced promptly on our social media pages. Kindly follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on new offerings.

What age-groups do you offer classes to?

All our classes are accessible to students of all ages and experience levels unless otherwise stated.

Do you have male-only/female-only classes?

We currently do not have any classes listed as male-only / female-only. For requests, kindly email contact.danzaproductions@gmail.com

I’d like to hire you for a personalized wedding choreography, what are your rates?

For rates and more information regarding personalized wedding choreography, kindly email contact.danzaproductions@gmail.com.

How/When can I rent your studio space?

For rates and more information regarding studio rentals, kindly email contact.danzaproductions@gmail.com.

I’d like to partner up for an open-house. Who do I contact?

Kindly email contact.danzaproductions@gmail.com.


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